5 Apps To Help You Live A More Greener Life

Having these 5 apps with you on the go can help motivate you to make those small but important actions that help our environment – and why not make some of them a fun challenge too?

1. JouleBug
This app gives you daily goals and challenges on how to live more sustainably. When you have completed a sustainable action, you give a little “Buzz” and earn achievements and points. You can earn badges, join local challenges and even track your impacts. It definitely makes eco habits fun!

2. Litterama
If you like tracking all the litter you’ve picked up off the street or beach then this app is for you! Litterama is a cute game that allows you to enter in data each time you pick up rubbish. It also keeps track of how much all players have picked up in total. The app provides fun facts and the opportunity to upgrade buildings with the rubbish collected in the game too.

3. Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide
Even though I have decided to not eat fish anymore, this app is great for those who do and want to choose your seafood wisely and sustainably. It uses a traffic light system that ranks the food as either “Better Choice, “Eat Less” or “Say No”. It was created by the Australian Marine Conservation Society because of how much we are overfishing and the terrible impacts it’s having on our oceans.

4. 1 Million Women
This app gets you to join daily actions from super easy to quite challenging that help reduce your carbon pollution. It’s great for keeping track of the carbon savings from each action you enter in such as going plastic-free, reducing food waste, not buying fast fashion, etc. You can even share your own unique “Ripple Code” with others to get them on board!

5. Shop Ethical!
And last but not least, Shop Ethical! is an amazing app that allows you to search up brands and look at their ethical rating. This app provides useful information on what exactly we are supporting when we buy a product. With Shop Ethical!, you can be sure to avoid companies that are harming our environment, and instead support companies with a more positive impact!

If you have any more useful apps that you think should be on this list, let me know. I’m always looking for new apps to help me stay sustainable!

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